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Animated GIFs

What/who inspired the work?

My inspiration for this section was the works of some Net artists friends of mine on Facebook, especially Miyö Van Stenis.

What do you hope its viewers will feel/think?

The Animated GIFs is one of the 11 existing sections in the Davis Museum. The section consists of a collection of GIF animations made since 2016 by Davis Lisboa. The digital documents deal with the existing relations between the cultural politics and institutional critique, the conversion of the readymade as a cultural institution, the museum as a generator of social changes, art historical precedents and the conceptual relations of the museum as a symbolic object. The Animated GIF has subsections titled The Comics, The Posters, The Maps, The Library, The Memes, The Paintings, The Precedents, The Polling Station, The Videoexhibitions, and The Stamps Section.

Why did you choose the medium, subject matter, style?

One of the basic characteristics of the Davis Museum is its existence as a expanded digital institution on the World Wide Web, for this reason, I chose create this series of animated GIF for it. They are cheap, easy to do, fast to share and visually powerful. All subject of this section comes from another section from Davis Museum and they are reinterpretation of them.


Davis Lisboa, Marcel Duchamp (Tonsure), 2018, animated GIF, 605 × 549, 238 KB, 2 frames, loop.

Davis Lisboa, Boîte-en-valise (Three Points of View), 2018, animated GIF, 605 × 732, 464 KB, 3 frames, loop.

Davis Lisboa, Robert Filliou (Closeu-up & Frozen Exhibition), 2017, animated GIF, 605 × 732, 500 KB, 2 frames, loop.

Davis Lisboa, Galerie légitime (Top Hat & Folded Paper Hat), 2018, animated GIF, 605 × 732, 292 KB, 2 frames, loop.

Davis Lisboa, Marcel Broodthaers (Nose-picking), 2018, animated GIF, 605 × 732, 380 KB, 2 frames, loop.

Davis Lisboa, Musée d'Art Moderne, Département des Aigles (Figures & Cinéma), 2018, animated GIF, 605 × 549, 302 KB, 2 frames, loop.

Davis Lisboa, Self-portrait (Space Oddity), 2017, animated GIF, 605 x 732, 342 KB, 2 frames, loop.